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4 Common Mistakes When Buying Internal Doors

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We all take pride in the appearance of our homes, and with people spending much more time at home during the lockdowns of the past 16 months, many have spent a lot of money is getting them exactly how we want them.

Whether you’ve invested in a full refurbishment, or seeking ways to make quick and effective updates to your home, new internal doors can make a huge impact on the look and feel of our homes.

However, when buying new internal doors, it can be easy to make some mistakes, especially if it is your first time. We have a look at some of the most common mistakes when choosing new internal doors, and how rot avoid them.

Common mistakes when choosing Internal Doors

Not including internal doors in your budget

Updating the home can be expensive, which will come as a surprise to no one! However generous or tight your budget, internal doors make up an essential part of your interior style, and it’s important not to neglect or underestimate the impact they have.

You do not want to have spent a small fortune on the rest of your interiors only to find you have forgotten to include new internal doors that match, leaving you with an unfinished room.

Not Measuring The Required Door Sizes Correctly

It can be easy to get caught up in finding internal doors with the perfect look and feel for your home, only to find that when they arrive, they do not fit into the door frame.

It may be possible to trim down a door that’s too big, but a door that’s too small means you need to find a replacement or just live with it, neither option being desirable. Always ensure that you have measured your door and frame carefully to avoid disappointment.

Not Taking Into Account The Interior Space Beforehand

When looking at new doors, it’s important to consider the interior space into which they will be fitted. You need to think about which way the doors will open, and if it has the space to complete its arc, and isn’t going to crash into furniture or cause damage.

Failing To Install Or Finish The Doors Correctly

After getting everything else right, and finally getting your internal doors all sorted and properly fitted, it would be a shame for them to deteriorate over the coming weeks and months due to them not being properly looked after.

Internal doors can take a lot of abuse in day-to-day life, so it is important to give them a proper spruce occasionally. Ensure they are clean, that hinges are firmly attached, and that the door freely opens and closes snugly into the frame.

Getting your doors professional installed in the first place is a good idea, to make sure they are safe and look great in your updated room!

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