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7 Interior Design Trends Shaped By The Pandemic

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The global pandemic has shaped nearly every aspect of our lives, especially how we use our homes, as seen in the interior design trends for 2021/2022.

From making the best of our kitchen spaces to the use of paint colours to promote tranquillity in our refuge away from the world, we have a look at some of the interior design trends you can expect to see in the coming year.

7 Interior Design Trends of 2021/2022

  1. Less downsizing

Before the pandemic, there was a growing trend for smaller homes and a ‘less is more aesthetic, but the lockdowns and social distancing has seemingly put a halt to this.

Busy households are wanting more space while we all work from home, and extra rooms are wanted for privacy, with attics, basements, and even garages being converted into liveable spaces. Sliding door sets are a way to help create rooms and home offices in smaller spaces.

  1. Rethinking Open Floor Plans

It might seem that open-plan rooms would be ideal for increasing the space in the home, but with multiple houses, members working or learning from home, shared spaces have become impractical.

People are realising they need more privacy, so it is predicted there will be more internal doors, especially for home offices, providing insulation for noise control during Zoom meetings and separate spaces for parents to work and keep the kids at bay.

  1. More Home Offices

The second national lockdown sees much return to, or continue to work from home, and many people will continue to do so even once the current health crisis has passed.

Having a dedicated room to acts as an office and workspace, whether that’s in a spare bedroom, attic or basement, will allow those who work from home to concentrate on the project at hand, while also proving a means to ‘leave the office’ at the end of there working day.

  1. Better Kitchen Storage

The kitchen has always been the busiest room in the home, and the lockdown means it has been working overtime as we make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between.

The focus on kitchens has sent homeowners looking to maximise the kitchen space, from built-in storage to breakfast bars, there will be smarter and efficient storage systems.

  1. Adding Exercise Spaces

The ‘stay at home’ order means that even if gyms are open or operating at limited capacity, many people will be taking their exercise regimes back home. There was a vast increase in the sale of exercise equipment during the first lockdown, which seems to be a trend that hasn’t gone away.

  1. Creating Entertainment Spaces

With fewer options for entertainment outside the home, people are looking for ways to use technology and spaces to make the time spent in the house more entertaining and enriching. Expect to see an increase in rooms being converted to home theatres and gaming rooms.

  1. Pops of Colour

With an uncertain world, homeowners are leaning towards the use of soothing hues that help bring warmth and tranquillity to the home. Colours such as blush pinks, soothing greens, pale blues, and vibrant cobalt are huge right now.

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