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Sliding Doors Laminate Door Sets

ASTRA logoWhether you choose surfaced mounted sliding doors or walled pocket sliders, they both come with high quality German engineered silent sliding technique. So choose a slider which matches the rest of your ASTRA options to partner your project. ASTRA opens the door to your world!

Laminates are manufactured by means of an environmentally friendly cellulose surface. These separate optional structure coatings come with the standard wood grain effect, but are immune to real wood weaknesses; in contrast laminates are extremely durable, robust, insensitive to Ultra Violet sunlight, heat and stain resistant.

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ASTRA Türen-Kollection Catalogue Cover

ASTRA Türen-Kollection Catalogue

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Choice of high quality finishes

Perfectly displayed woods in true-to-life imitation, offering an extensive product variety and the most modern production technology, are what make ASTRA exceptional.

Choice of high quality finishes
Surface Mounted Slider

Surface Mounted Slider

Walled Pocket Slider

Walled Pocket Slider

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We are comfortable dealing with private home owners, self builds, building contractors and developers to any scale.

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