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Light & Harmony Full Glass Doors

Licht & Harmonie LogoFlood your rooms with light, feel the energy and transparency around your house.

We offer solutions for every room, as our frameless glass doors assure optimum usage of daylight on commercial or private premises. Our passion for lasting technology mirrors in the high quality of our products. A discreet V-groove cut in the crystal glass doors unfolds an elegant streamline flow design. To apply more discretion you can choose from our opaque and coloured glass range. We implement unusual ideas to our designs and give you the option to create your own bespoke style. Be bold, be adventurous, be brave, be different.

Beauty is harmony and always close to simplicity.

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We are comfortable dealing with private home owners, self builds, building contractors and developers to any scale.

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Mix and Match Designs from all three Grauthoff owned companies: ASTRA, HGM, Licht & Harmonie.

Mix and match door set designs