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Grauthoff purchase from the most extravagantly protected forest products worldwide – being aware of environments, trends and traditions. These come from sustainable forestry and are personally selected at certified veneer traders.

Known trendy woods like oak, beech, maple are processed as well as valuable woods like rosewood. Every manufactured veneer makes doors by HGM unique and incomparable. The veneer gives the door not only a visual but also a hepatic dimension.

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We are comfortable dealing with private home owners, self builds, building contractors and developers to any scale.

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Real Wood Door Sets

Veneer is a vivid material and belongs to the finest products made from real wood. This way the individual growing characteristics are exposed which give HGM doors their individual character and turn them into a unique product – created by nature.

With the use of different inlays and veneer the door can offer a wide variety of visual options, including the combination of veneers with steel or chrome-inlays to emphasize the varieties available.

The door collection by HGM satisfies all needs and desires; a love affair with wood.

Plain Elegant Real Wood Doors

Plain Elegant

The best quality – German perfection in the form of exclusive domestic and commercial door sets. Dynamic contemporary spirit, traditional craftsmanship, combined with the latest production processes, which compliments each other in the most natural way.

Real Wood Door Sets


Choice of high quality genuine woods

HGM purchases the most beautiful veneers worldwide. They are personally selected from certified veneer traders.