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All frameless glass doors come with suitable hardware. Please select from hinged, sliding or pendulum doors. HGM and ASTRA Door frames are manufactured especially to encompass frameless glass options.

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We are comfortable dealing with private home owners, self builds, building contractors and developers to any scale.

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Frameless Glass Door Sets

True beauty is timeless. Use the advantage of the one system design mix to bring wood, synthetic surfaces and glass into your home.

Find your own design line and combine functionality with quality. A frameless glass door gives a welcoming introduction into any home. Light creates optical space in the smallest area.

Keep in mind frameless glass doors can be fitted into existing Grauthoff wood frames within minutes.

Good design is always one step ahead. Chose your door from a large variety of clear or sandblasted finishes, get a V-groove crystal glass door or supply us with your own design idea. Dare to be different!

Frameless Glass Door Sets

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Light & Harmony

Company Licht & Harmonie offer full glass door sets for every usage. Flood your rooms with light, experience the energy and transparency around your house.

Frameless Glass Doors