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Minimise risk and optimise comfort

Whether at home or at work, let’s not only feel safe, let’s be safe. With a proven door system sleep easy, have peace of mind, surround yourself in security.

Minimize Risk and Optimise Comfort

Specialised / Bespoke Door Sets

Superior sophistications for doors with need of special functionalities these door units are made in Germany. The preferred surface choice of wood, glass or synthetic material offers a volume of extensive creativity. Presentation is fundamentally combined with a certification, products of master craftsmanship. Whether fire proofing, noise control, smoke, water or radiation resistant.

Your choice from a single manufacturer is the key to success, keep it simple and choose a door set system.

Commercial Door Sets

Commercial Door Sets

For individual personalities, regulations and requirements we have 50 years experience to support your project. Equally vigorously tested under pressure and stress our products have been certified above the required norms.

Commercial Door Sets

Specialised Door Sets

Specialised Door Sets

With our extensive experience in veneer, laminate and glass doors we not only move with the times but are one step ahead. Certified specialised doors for your day to day needs in the work place and in the home, are our strength.

Specialised Door Sets

Where can I purchase?

We are comfortable dealing with private home owners, self builds, building contractors and developers to any scale.

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